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Best Poached Eggs need the Best Free Range Eggs from Wild Hen Farm

Wild Hen Tip:  The secret to amazing poached eggs is… USE FRESH EGGS!

Eggs are given a 6 week ‘Best Before’ Date from the date of lay. If they are kept refrigerated they will easily last this long. But won’t be as good for poaching as they get older.


Step 1 – Bring saucepan of water to the boil then TURN OFF HEAT – have a good volume of water as it will retain the heat for longer.  Optional – add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and ½ tsp salt for flavour

Step 2 – Crack eggs 1 at a time into a cup then pour into the water

Step 3 – Put lid on pot

Step 4 – Pull eggs out in 3-5 mins with a slotted spoon. Pat bottom of slotted spoon with a few thicknesses of paper towel to absorb excess water and serve!

Fresh Eggs Poach BetterChoosing the Perfect Free Range Eggs

The best poached eggs are made with eggs within 0-2 weeks from laying. These will have a ‘Best Before’ date no earlier than 4 weeks away.  But don’t despair – Older eggs are good as hard boiled eggs as they peel much more easily than fresh eggs.

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