New Hens Arrive

Our 2nd flock of 500 Bond Brown hens arrived in late August.

They normally arrive at around 16 weeks of age. Due to a cancelled order these hens were 20 weeks old and many of them laying already. The photo below shows the young hens.

Pullets Aug 2014

20 week old Bond Brown Pullets

See their undeveloped combs, which tells me the hens in the photo are yet to start laying.

We have chosen Bond Browns this time. Our older flock are Isa Browns.

There are two reasons we have decided to try the Bond Browns.



They are bred near Toowoomba in Qld and are not in temperature controlled sheds, so we hope are better adapted to the hot conditions we can get over the summer months here.

Also, they have placed more empasis on selection for temperement, to reduce aggression towards one another.

So far, they have been a delight, rushing up to meet us, following us around.


Egg Yolk colour

Egg Yolk colour

We also noticed the colour of their egg yolks laid in the first week after they arrived.

A pale yellow compared to our orange yolked older hens.

The pullets wouldn’t have had access to as much green pasture as our other chooks. Several weeks on, their yolks are identical in colour to our other chooks.


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